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Dedicated Nursing Paraprofessional

Job Purpose: The role of all paraprofessionals are based on the “No Child Left Behind” federal legislation (2002), Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA, 2004) and TAMAH LLC approved Standards of Professional Conduct (20 I 0). The role of the paraprofessional is to provide instructional assistance to pre-elementary, elementary, and secondary teachers and students in general or special education classrooms or learning environment. Simply put, para professionals augment academic programs and lend scaffolds to learning cultures through the use of strategic implementations that support optimum learning outcomes for students and teachers.


  • Assist with daily care of student/students as assigned by Nursing Supervisors.
  • Assist with daily feeding schedules/hygienic schedules as assigned by Nursing Supervisors.
  • Assist with monitoring of student progress via record/observation system.
  • Monitors daily student progress through the use of record-keeping/journaling modules and transferring goal-oriented anecdotal records to TAMAH LLC Department of Education via approved systems of transmission.
  • Performs daily nursing duties as to scaffold the student’s instructional program as outlined in the IEP.
  • Maintains safe, secure, and heal thy educational environment by consulting with Teaching Supervisor on classroom standards of instruction and by following and enforcing standards and procedures and com plying with legal regulations.
  • Intercepts deterioration 111 achievement by monitoring an individual student with academic difficulties; drawing on the school system’s resources for additional academic assistance, and TAMAH LLC Department of Education’s library of supplemental resource materials.
  • Assists Nursing Supervisors with overall environment maintenance so as to provide a safe academic culture for the student.
  • Provide dedicated, uninterrupted one-on-one support for the assigned student, such that the student is never left unattended.
  • Attends staff meetings, staff development workshops/conferences for an assigned school as well as any staff development activities with TAMAH LLC.
  • Works in a team relationship with Nursing Supervisor and follows all explicit instructional directives in a timely and professional manner.
  • Adheres to all Standards of Professional Conduct; possesses all Core Competencies; and demonstrates all Supporting Competencies.

At least 48-60 cred it hours from a regionally-accredited college or university or successful completion of a course of study towards a nursing license, demonstration of successful completion of fingerprint/background check, and successful completion of TAMAH LLC’s comprehensive pre-employment screening process.