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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the professionals credentialed and trained?

Yes. All educational support staff completes TAMAH training and any training or certifications required by the state or school district. We also have a robust, internal training program.

How quickly can I expect a professional to be available?

Staffing is available within 48-72 hours of the request in available markets. If we don't have a program in your area, let's talk about starting one!

Are professionals available short term and long term (an entire school year)?

Our educational support staff is available for immediate, short-term placements or long-term as a dedicated or instructional aid or bus attendant.

What type of professionals can TAMAH provide our school/district? Paraprofessional?

Instructional aides, dedicated aides, behavioral aides, school nurses, bus attendants, tutors, and mentors.

What if I'm not satisfied with a profession provided after they've started working for us?

Contact your program manager and they will facilitate reassessing the situation and need in this specific situation. We'll either provide additional training and support to the educational support staff or provide a new aid that is a better fit. It's our mission to find the best match for each student.

We cannot fill open positions we have. How is TAMAH able to hire when we cannot?

Our reputation, longevity, track record of success and passion for making a difference in children's lives are just a few of the reasons we have an 83% overall contractor retention rate. Most of our contractors come from referrals because we take extra steps to ensure the right educational support staff person is paired with the right student, and provide the support and training required for success.